Best Time to Experience Tibetan Nomadic Culture

When is the Best Time to Experience Tibetan Nomadic Culture

The best months to experience Tibetan nomadic culture are not the same time to trek in the big peaks. If you travel to Tibet mainly for exploring Tibetan culture and  visiting Tibet nomads, the best months are from April to October. Summer is the best time to see nomads with their yaks and sheep dotted in the high grasslands.

A traditional nomad family usually places a stove in the center of a tent. In the back center of tent, they usually put some Buddhist scriptures, butter candles. Besides, they will put some dried yak dung for fuel. When you pay a visit to a nomadic tent, you should do as the host tells you. Remember not to place your feet towards the stove which is scared to nomads. Nomads are very friendly and hospitable, and they will serve you their homemade barley wine and yak butter tea. When they want to refill the wine and you can’t drink wine, you can gently remind that you are not good at drinking wine.

As everyone knows that, one of the biggest features of Tibetan nomads is the seasonal mobility. From February to March in Tibetan calendar, nomads from the north of Tanggula Mountains will move to southern pastures and spend the whole summer in there. It is warm and is the time for the born of new lambs. Normally, the nomadic caravan will stay in a place for about 4-5 days, and then move ahead. So they may change residences for about 10 times during the summer period before moving to higher mountains. So, the summer months in Tibet are the best time to visit the nomads’ tent. Besides, autumn is also a great time with less rain and clouds.

How to Plan your Tibetan Nomads Tour

The grazing season usually begins in April and Tibetan Nomads will herd hundreds of yaks to the hill for grazing. They have plenty of butter products and will exchange with farmers for barley. Nomads usually change residence from place to place, and they will find a place rich in grass for feeding their cattle. They are used to set their tents near to streams or a pasture. Since the rich grazing resource in low altitude, some nomads may stay in the same place for nearly one month.

From April to early October which is the best time to visit nomads, you can meet many nomads with a good grassland location and weather. If you trek in Tibet, you can even talk with them and learn their daily life.

  1. Tsurphu Monastery to Yangpachen Trek Routes near Lhasa

The source of reincarnation is from Trurphu Monastery which becomes a hot destination in Tibet. Along the trek across the Changtang prairie, tourists can see wildlife, vast grasslands and will be invited to Tibetan nomad’s house.

  1. Ganden Monastery to Samye Monastery

It is the most popular short trek in Tibet. This trek will take you to go cross the grand valley and the highland wetlands. The best time to trek is from late April to the end of October.

  1. Lake Manasarovar Kora

Four days to trek around the lake Manasarovar, tourists will enjoy the pretty lake scenery, lush vegetation and nomad’s tents.

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