Shoton Festival—One of the Best Times to Tour Tibet

During Shoton Festival, the monks in Drepung will hang on a big Buddha image, it's called Sunning the Buddha.

Another great Tibetan Festival is the Shoton Festival which is celebrated from the 15th to the 24th of the fifth lunar month of the Tibetan Calendar. In the Roman Calendar, this period coincides with the middle of the month of August. “Shoton” is a Tibetan word that etymologically means “yogurt banquet.” It started as festival in 16th century when lay people, in appreciation of the monthlong fasting and abstinence of the monks in the monasteries, began to offer a banquet that to the monks after their monthlong retreat.

This simple banquet became the beginning of the colorful Shoton Festival which, later on, featured summer operas (Lhamo). These operas usually last all day long, punctuated by euphoric and melodious clashing of cymbals, drums, and bells, together with the incisive recitations of harmonious choruses. In these operas, you’ll see swirling girls wearing long sleeves, hooded villains, and leaping devils.

What to Expect During the Shoton Festival?

During the celebration of the Shoton Festival, you can expect to see hundreds of Tibetan People who are gathering at the Sera and Drepung Monasteries all dressed-up in their colorful ethnic attires. You would also witness, early in the morning, those “Lamas” who carry the giant “Jampa Thangka” leading to the foot hill of the Gebeiwotse Mountain to hang it there. Moreover, you’ll hear the reverberation of the sufra bugle all throughout the valley. As you visit the Drepung and Sera Monastery, you’ll also see the giant Jampa Thangka hanged by the huge improvised scaffold.

At the Norbulingka Palace, you can also witness operatic performances all day long. Moreover, you’ll be able to enjoy yak racing and displays of horsemanship; while hundreds of journalists and tourists from around the world try to document and witness the unfolding of these festive events. Lastly, you will get to witness the “Sangsol” the burning of Tuja leaves together with butter and Tsampa.

When to Visit Tibet to Experience the Shoton Festival?

Shoton Festival is a significant festival that is based on the Tibetan Calendar. Its exact date of celebration varies year after year because the Tibetan Calendar is a lunisolar calendar, meaning, it is dependent on the phases of the moon and the solar year. In 2017, it was celebrated on the 21st of August; while in 2018, it was celebrated on the 11th of August. If you plan to experience the 2019 Shoton Festival, you should schedule your Tibetan Tour from August 30 to September 5.

Shoton Festival belongs to the best times to visit Tibet because the weather during this Festival belongs to the finest that Tibet would ever have. The downside, however, of traveling during this period include higher costs of train and air tickets and more costly hotel rooms and other related services.

Significant Events and Places to Visit during the Shoton Festival

During the Shoton Festival, you should not miss the unveiling of the Jampa Thangka at the Drepung Monastery early in the morning. This unveiling ceremony is generally scheduled at 8:30 in the morning at the Drepung Monastery. But this celebration starts early on at around 4am when activities like the “Sunning the Buddha” commences. The pinnacle of this event ends in the unveiling of the huge Thangka on a specially made platform at the foot of the hill. This spectacular scenario is capped by the throwing of white Hada towards the direction of the giant Thangka. This is surely a marvelous scene to behold and document using your camera.

You should also not miss the great performance of the Tibetan Operas at Norbulingka Palace later in the afternoon. These operas start at around 11:00 am and last until dusk. Moreover, the main festivities during the Shoton Festival generally happen in Lhasa, the capital of Tibet. As a caveat, however, you should take extra precaution and care of yourself for there would surely be thousands of people joining these festivities.

There are myriads of food and snack stands alongside the roads and highways, especially, near the Norbulingka Palace and along those roads leading to the Drepung Monastery. The front gate of the Norbulingka Palace is likewise replete with food stands from where you can buy various Tibetan delicacies. Lastly, if ever you intend to time your visit to Tibet during the Shoton Festival, you should readily contact us and we will book you the appropriate Shoton Festival Tour of Tibet.

Tibet Climate

If you are wishing to visit Tibet, you may need to concerned about the best time to visit Tibet.

If you are planning to visit Tibet, then you must be concerned about the climate of this magnificent Chinese Autonomous Region. Climate determines a lot of things when it comes to travelling and planning for a trip. It will determine what type of clothes you are going to pack, the time of the year you are going to travel and the length of your stay. Stop worrying yourself sick, here are the full details about the Tibetan weather and what you should expect. We have also included some travel advice on the best time to schedule your trip.

Tibet is generally a mountainous high altitude region. Being in the Himalayan plateau, the highest land points on earth can just be a viewpoint away. Actually, six of the highest world picks are in Tibet, amazing right? Okay, how does this affect the weather?

As a high altitude zone on the eastern side of the Everest, Tibet receives very little annual rainfall. Most of the areas are made up of a cold frosted desert which defrosts in summer. The frost makes all the Tibetan lakes frozen from October through to march. This, however, varies from region to region.

The Tibet climate feature a strong sunshine. Don’t forget that this is a desert region. The climate is, therefore, cold and dry as there is no precipitation for the most part of the year. The day temperatures are very high while the night temperatures are very low. This leads to a huge day and night temperature difference. It has thin air with little oxygen, something you should consider when going for a trek or cycling.

Tibet experiences all the four seasons;


This is in April and May and the best time for tourists. The ice melts and outdoor travel becomes easy. All roads blocked for the Tibetan new-year reopen in spring.


The Tibetan summer lasts from June through to August. Lhasa is usually flooded in summer and getting train tickets is always hard. The weather is very pleasant and light harmless showers are experienced in the afternoons.

The good summer climate makes it ideal to travel to Tibet. It is in summer that remote and mountainous tourist sites are opened. Hiking, cycling and trekking activities are popular during this period.

The Fall

Autumn starts in September through to October. This time the skies are clear and the atmosphere is cool. Trekking and Hiking become top agenda for tourists during this season.


This is the longest climatic season in Tibet. It starts in November through to March. Not much can be done in winter as everything is frozen. Most roads get locked due to massive snowfalls. The bad weather also makes some sites inaccessible. The month of February and March are holy Tibetan new year months and no travel permits are issued for this period.

Best time to Visit Tibet

The ideal time for you to make your trip to Tibet is between April and November. You want to travel as autumn draws to the end through to the end of Spring. This is because the weather at this period of the year is travel-friendly. You can catch the summer vibe up, but bear in mind that the rainy season is right in the middle of summer. It starts in July and ends in late August.

If you are a camper, then the best time for tent pitching is in May and September. May is just the start of summer, therefore, the weather is not hot yet, while the summer heat will be simmering down in September as you approach autumn. There is also hardly any rain during this period of the year.

For sightseers, the peak of Everest can be seen clearly in the months of April, May, September and October. The peak is always blanketed with massive clouds in other months. Also, the tundra flowers in autumn giving photographers a chance to take award-winning photos.

Best Time to Experience Tibetan Nomadic Culture

Nomads in Tibet move tents regularly in their lives.

When is the Best Time to Experience Tibetan Nomadic Culture

The best months to experience Tibetan nomadic culture are not the same time to trek in the big peaks. If you travel to Tibet mainly for exploring Tibetan culture and  visiting Tibet nomads, the best months are from April to October. Summer is the best time to see nomads with their yaks and sheep dotted in the high grasslands.

A traditional nomad family usually places a stove in the center of a tent. In the back center of tent, they usually put some Buddhist scriptures, butter candles. Besides, they will put some dried yak dung for fuel. When you pay a visit to a nomadic tent, you should do as the host tells you. Remember not to place your feet towards the stove which is scared to nomads. Nomads are very friendly and hospitable, and they will serve you their homemade barley wine and yak butter tea. When they want to refill the wine and you can’t drink wine, you can gently remind that you are not good at drinking wine.

As everyone knows that, one of the biggest features of Tibetan nomads is the seasonal mobility. From February to March in Tibetan calendar, nomads from the north of Tanggula Mountains will move to southern pastures and spend the whole summer in there. It is warm and is the time for the born of new lambs. Normally, the nomadic caravan will stay in a place for about 4-5 days, and then move ahead. So they may change residences for about 10 times during the summer period before moving to higher mountains. So, the summer months in Tibet are the best time to visit the nomads’ tent. Besides, autumn is also a great time with less rain and clouds.

How to Plan your Tibetan Nomads Tour

The grazing season usually begins in April and Tibetan Nomads will herd hundreds of yaks to the hill for grazing. They have plenty of butter products and will exchange with farmers for barley. Nomads usually change residence from place to place, and they will find a place rich in grass for feeding their cattle. They are used to set their tents near to streams or a pasture. Since the rich grazing resource in low altitude, some nomads may stay in the same place for nearly one month.

From April to early October which is the best time to visit nomads, you can meet many nomads with a good grassland location and weather. If you trek in Tibet, you can even talk with them and learn their daily life.

  1. Tsurphu Monastery to Yangpachen Trek Routes near Lhasa

The source of reincarnation is from Trurphu Monastery which becomes a hot destination in Tibet. Along the trek across the Changtang prairie, tourists can see wildlife, vast grasslands and will be invited to Tibetan nomad’s house.

  1. Ganden Monastery to Samye Monastery

It is the most popular short trek in Tibet. This trek will take you to go cross the grand valley and the highland wetlands. The best time to trek is from late April to the end of October.

  1. Lake Manasarovar Kora

Four days to trek around the lake Manasarovar, tourists will enjoy the pretty lake scenery, lush vegetation and nomad’s tents.

When is the best time to visit China and Tibet?

The best time to visit China and Tibet together largely depends on what you want to see, where you want to go and when is available for you to travel.

As no direct flight or train connecting Tibet with other countries, except for Nepal, many tourists will firstly enter mainland China and then transfer to Tibet. They often stay in China for a few days to visit China and travel around before traveling to  Tibet.

When to visit China and Tibet together largely depends on what you want to see, where you want to go and when is available for you to travel. And the traveling budget is also becoming a very important reason. So in a word, the best time to visit China and Tibet depends on when you want to go.

Best Time to Visit China and Tibet for Normal Tourists

For most of tourists, the best time to visit Tibet is from April to October. April to May is the spring in Tibet. And you can see the blooming wildflowers and melting snows. With less rain in spring, the sky is clear and you can see the stunning view of the mountains in Tibet. Late September to October is the autumn in Tibet. The climate in autumn is similar to the spring, but adds failing leaves. Summer is the peak travel season in Tibet. Although it is the rainy season, it only rains in the evening. And the days are bright and hot.

China is a vast country with many different regions. And it is hard to define when is the peak travel season in China. No matter what season in China, you can find a suitable place to visit. And there are so many ancient cities in China which all can leave a deep impression for you.

The best choice for a China and Tibet tour is to combine your time with what you want to visit in China and Tibet. In China, the only time you need to avoid is the Spring Festival (Except you want to experience the New Year in China), and the National Day (lasting about one week from October 1.) for the crowd roads.

Best Time to Visit China and Tibet for Tourists with a budget tour

For budget tourists, it is important to choose the traveling time. In Tibet, the best time for budget tourists is from late October to early February. It is the low travel season in Tibet. Many tourists think it is not impossible to visit Tibet in winter for the frozen weather. Actually, it is not true. The remote places in Tibet are extremely cold, but the temperature in Lhasa and its around is similar with the temperature in Beijing. With less rain in winter, the sunshine is bright in the daytime. Eastern Tibet is not so cold. And there are many discounts for the hotels, restaurants, tickets for attractions and transportation. And the other big advantage is the small numbers of tourists.

Best Time to Visit China and Tibet for Cultural Tour

In the mainland China, the biggest festival is the Spring Festival. You can travel to Tibet, Sichuan and Yunnan to enjoy the local Spring Festival.

The Dragon Boat Festival is another big festival in China to memory Quyuan. It is celebrated on the 5th day of the 5th lunar month.

The Mid-Autumn Festival is to reunite family members, It is celebrated on the 15th day of the 8th lunar month.

The Best Time to Take a Train to Tibet

From April to November is the best time to board a train to Tibet.

Owing to its spectacular scenic and high-elevation, taking a train to Tibet is one of the most popular ways to travel to Tibet. Travelers can easily board a train to Tibet from major big cities in China, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Xi’an, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Chongqing and son on. The high elevation section starts from Xining, the beginning of Qinghai-Tibet Railway which is situated on the northern edge of Tibetan Plateau. The whole train journey from Xining to Lhasa goes across the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau from north to south with an average altitude over 4000 meters known as the Road to the Sky. The highest point of the journey is Tanggula Pass at 5072 meters.

Since the operation in 2006, millions of travelers at home and abroad are attracted to board a train to Tibet. And the number of tourists is increasing every year since the train journey itself is an unforgettable experience ending in the mysterious lands in the world. And sometimes, it is difficult to get a train ticket in the peak travel season in Tibet (from April to September).

Actually for the sake of travelers, one of the big advantages of taking a train rather than flying to Tibet is the cost. Compared with a domestic flight from a major city to Tibet, the ticket price of a Tibet train is half or one third. Although the train journey will take you over 40 hours at an average, the experience itself is unique and travelers will be attracted by the changing views along the way.

If you want to experience the train journey but don’t want to stay too long on the train, you can fly to Xining firstly and then board a Tibet Train to Lhasa which only takes about 21 hours across the central part of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau.

The Best Time to Board a Train to Tibet

The best time to board a train to Tibet and begin your Tibet tour is from April to November. The Tibet winter can be quite cold, and trekking or biking outside Lhasa is difficult and even impossible. The period from April to May and from August to October is the rainy season in Tibet which may be a problem to go, but it is not hot.  If you don’t want to trek in Tibet, you can travel to Tibet during this period.

The most beautiful scenery of the train journey is from April to November. The temperature between day and night in Tibet is different.  It is very cold at night,  while you can enjoy the high-altitude scenery during the daytime.  And in summer, travelers can trek to remote places in Tibet, such as Everest Base Camp, Mt. Kailash, etc.  Most Tibetan places are open to tourists during the summer times.

Tibet train is busy in the peak travel season. It is difficult to get a train ticket. So, you need to buy a ticket in advance or seek help from your Tibet travel operator to help you get one.

The Best Time to Visit Tibet

Generally, summer and autumn are the best time for most of travelers to visit Tibet.

One of the most common questions asked from international travelers is when is the best time to travel to Tibet? Actually, it is difficult to answer this question because there are advantages and disadvantages in each season for travelers to Tibet. I can list them comparing different seasons in Tibet and hope it can help you decide when you have proper schedule.


In summer, it is the warmest season around the year in Tibet. The weather is mild and comfortable for travelers in most places while it is still snowy in the remote northern Tibet Plateau. Since the mild temperatures across the main Tibet, this is the most popular time to travel to Tibet. During this period, the demand for train and plane tickets far exceed than the supply. You need to book tickets early or seek help from a travel operator. Meanwhile, the tour, hotels and restaurant prices are higher in Lhasa comparing in the low season.

Summer is also the rainy season in Tibet. As Tibet located at the north side of the Himalaya, which block much rain from the Indian Ocean, there’s no much rain in Summer. Even if raining, it would stop in a few hours and the clouds get clear quickly.

It is the best time to visit nomad and enjoy the vast grasslands in Tibet. You can see yaks wondering in the grasslands and Tibetans living in their tents in the grasslands. They will change their seat every 3-4 months.


The rainy season always stops in the middle of September and the sky is very clear during this season. It is not warm as it was in summer, but if you bring appropriate cloth, it is still comfortable for you. In the remote places of Tibet, it’s still snowy and the weather is freezing. You can find snow-capped mountains as well as the green grasslands in the same place. During this period, you can also find nomad tents in the grasslands. It is the best time to go for a trek in Tibet.


Some people may think it is unbelievable to travel to Tibet in winter. Actually, winter is another great time to visit Tibet. With less rain, the sky is very clear and you can have a good visibility. The train and flight tickets are cheaper in the period, as it is the same with hotels and tour price. Actually, the weather is not cold as you imagine: Lhasa shares an average temperature about 9.5 degrees in the daytime and 0 degree at night which shares the same average temperature as Beijing, the capital of China. The Tibetan New Year is held in winter. You can find thousands of Tibetan pilgrims gather in Lhasa together to celebrate the most important festival in Tibet. It is the best time to learn Tibetan culture, custom, and emotion.


Tibet is closed to foreign travelers from the late of February to mid-March. March is sensitive for Tibetans. And all the required travel permits will not be issued until early April. Except for the closing time of Tibet, the spring is a great time to visit Tibet for the good visibility and fewer tourists. This is the best time to have the EBC trekking tour.

Best Time to Visit Lhasa

You may visit Lhasa all year around.

Lhasa is one of the highest cities in the world and is the capital of Tibet Autonomous Region. Lhasa is known as the sunlight city with an average annual sunshine time of more than 3,000 hours. The weather in Lhasa is mild all over the year and it’s neither too hot in summer nor too cold in winter. Plan your Lhasa Tour? May to October is the peak seasons for traveling to Lhasa, especially from August and October. Actually, climate in Lhasa is divided into two seasons, dry season from October to May and wet season from June to September. As Lhasa is located in Tibet Plateau, a few newcomers may get the sickness of altitude. Please check your health condition and ensure your health condition to adapt to the plateau climate here. This travel guide can help you to make a smart decision about when to start your Tibet Lhasa trip.

Lhasa in Spring

Tibetans regard Lhasa as the City of Sunlight. The weather in spring is dry and windy. The first thing travelers need to notice is to add water to body and carry a bottle of mineral water with you. In addition, you can also bring a lipstick. It is the best time to climb the snow-capped mountains in spring for the clear weather and good visibility. And you can also enjoy the off-season discounts. Besides, the best time to climb Mt. Everest is from April to May. Travelers can have a good view of mountain Everest in this period.

Lhasa in Summer

From June to August is the rainy season in Lhasa. Unlike other cities, it rains at night and clears up again during the day. It does not affect itinerary in daytime. Besides, Lhasa is not as hot as your imagination with the temperature about 10 degrees to 20 degrees. But you also need to prevent the strong ultraviolet radiation or you may get hurt. The sunglasses, sun cream, lip balm and hat are necessary in summer.

Lhasa in Autumn

The weather in autumn is also dry and windy as it is like in spring of Lhasa. The difference is the gold color of the tree leaves highlights the coming of autumn,  as well as the decoration of the red maple leaves in the park.

Lhasa in winter

Lhasa is not as extremely cold as most people think. In fact Lhasa is cool and dry in winter. Tourists traveling to Lhasa in winter can not only enjoy the discounts in off-seasons, but also can experience the Plateau Spa. The sky is still clear in winter. And it is also available for travelers to trek snow-capped mountains. It is also the best chance to enjoy the beauty of snow scene.

Climate Data Table for Lhasa

Month and


Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Average high
7.2 9.3 12.7 15.9 19.9 23.2 22.6 21.4 19.9 17.0 12.1 8.0
Average low
−9.0 −5.8 −2.1 1.5 5.6 9.8 10.4 9.7 7.7 2.0 −4.2 −8.2
Rainfall (mm) 0.8 1.2 2.9 6.1 27.7 71.2 116.6 120.6 68.3 8.8

When is the Best Time to Visit Tibet

Located in the south-west of China, Tibet process breathtaking landscape views with great Mount Everest situated on the land and several amazing lakes. In addition, Tibet has it’s unique and charming region cultures that make it a dream destinations for many travelers. Traveling to Tibet is not as difficult as you think to be. However, you still need well prepared for the Tibet tour such as the best time to visit Tibet.

When is the Best Time to Visit Tibet?

Generally speaking, Tibet can be visited all years round except for the February and March when there comes to the Tibetan New Years. The Peak season to travel to Tibet is summer while it doesn’t mean the best time to visit Tibet. Because traveling to Tibet during the summer month, you may experience the bad climate with too much rain which vague the views of many attractions, in particular, Mount Everest. You are not able to catch a clear view of Mount Everest. Meanwhile, with lots of travelers flooding into Tibet, it is so crowded that you can’t see the whole view of Tibet. The winter months is not the best time to visit Tibet as well, because, the temperature of some area is extremely cold. Attractions like Lake Namtso and Mount Everest can’t be viewed. However, most of the travelers traveling to Tibet only to catch a glimpse of the splendid Mount Everest.

Vising Tibet in spring, you may see the the flowers are bloom, the lakes are at the best view and everything come back to life.
Spring is one of the best time to visit Tibet

Actually, the best time to visit Tibet is Spring and Autumn when the weather is neither extremely hot nor cold. You can make a desition to travel to Tibet during April when the average maximum temperature is 15℃, and the average minimum temperature is 0℃. It is a dry season with seldom rain and still strong wind and the flowers are bloom, the lakes are at the best view and everything come back to life. So you can make your way to Lhasa city, the city of sunshine to visit the Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple and Meander the bustling Barkhor StreetTraveling to Tibet from mid-September to mid-Oct in autumn is an appropriate period to catch a clear view of Mount Everest. If you came in a good day, you are able to see the great sunrise and sunset view of Mount Everest. If you wanna visit the holy Lake Namtso, its time to do so. In addition, traveling to Tibet during the spring months(April, May) or the Autumn months(September, October), you may happen to join the traditional Tibetan festival such as Saga Dawa Festival(takes place around the 15th day of April in the Tibetan calendar) and Nyingchi Peach Bloom Festival (lasts from Mar.12nd to Apr.30th) through which you may get more knowledge of Tibetan culture.

It is important to travel to Tibet at the best time. Before you launch your journey to Tibet, you should join an organized Tibet Tour offered by the local Tibet travel agency so that, they will help you design the travel itinerary according to your demands and take care of the application of Tibet Travel Permits. Besides, you can get the useful Tibet travel tip from them including the best time to visiting Tibet, what to pack for Tibet tour.


Best Time to Visit to Nepal

There are thousands of overseas travelers travel to Tibet and Nepal together. As the two important places of Himalayas Region, Tibet and Nepal g have much  in common. Both places have profound Buddhist culture and beautiful landscape views. And the Nepal Tibet tour one of the popular Tibet tour packages.

Nepal Tibet Tour
Nepal Tibet Tour

When traveling to Nepal, you may wonder what is the best time to travel to Nepal.
Actually, Nepal, with a mild climate, can be visited all years round. When considering the best time to visit, it is definitely October and December when the weather is warm and dry, and neither extremely cold in the high country nor extremely hot in the Terai. The weather remains dry until about April. And the sky is generally clear that gives you a chance to witness the breathtaking landscape view of Nepal. It is a time that Nepal is at the most beautiful period with flowers blooming, butterflies dotted everywhere and fresh fruit and vegetables are particularly abundant. It is the best time to trek Nepal because the pollution and dust washed away by the monsoon rains and the mountains are at their most visible. Therefore, you can travel to Nagarkot, with the altitude of 2099m is the best place of Kathmandu, Nepal to catch a whole view of Mount Everest. If weather permits you may see the magnificent view of great sunrise.

Dasain Festival
Dasain Festival

Meanwhile traveling to Nepal during October and December, you may have a chance to take part in two major festivals, Dasain Festival and Tihaar Festival. The Dasain Festival aims to memorize a great victory of the gods over the wicked demons and it is celebrated during the month of Kartik (late September and early October). Dashain Festival is a grand and significant festival in the Nepalese, celebrated by the whole country. The fifteen days of celebration occurs during the bright lunar fortnight ending on the day of the full moon. Tihar Festival, also known as the festival of lights or Deepawali starts within a fortnight and celebrated in October and November. It is a significant festival in Nepal as it symbolizes happiness, unity, and harmony among all the people. During the festival, the whole country is decorated with colorful decorations, electric lights, and oil lamps.

Tihar Festival
Tihar Festival

Meanwhile, late spring from April to May is a beautiful time to travel to Nepal as the rhododendrons burst into bloom.And it is a great time to have a trekking tour to Nepal. It is a little bit cold to travel to Nepal during January and February, especially at night.

All in all, there are two excellent periods to travel to Tibet. If wanna to trekking in Nepal and appreciate the beautiful landscape views, you are supposed to travel to Nepal during April and May. If you wanna explore the spectacular mountain views, you are suggested to travel to Nepal during October and November. Besides, it is also the best time to travel to Tibet. Therefore, after the Nepal tour. you are able to travel from Kathmandu to Lhasa to take an amazing Tibet tour.

Best time for Tibet Trekking

Tibet trekking

Every year there are thousands of overseas tourists travel to Tibet to appreciate the fantastic landscapes and enjoy the profound Buddhist culture. Do you know what is the best way to explore Tibet? Indeed, a Tibet trekking is the best way to explore Tibet because you will be able to see great mountains, typical Buddhist monasteries, breathtaking lake and different kind of peaceful animals during the various of trekking routes.

Before your Tibet Trekking tour, you should get ready to know what is the best time for a Tibet trekking. Generally speaking spring and autumn are the best seasons for trekking when the weather is no extremely hot or cold and there is no rain to stop your trekking tour in Tibet. However, If you come to Tibet in the wrong season you may not able to accomplish your trekking tour. Therefore you should take the weather condition into consideration before taking the Tibet Tour.

Trekking in Tibet in Summer and Winter

Actually, It is no a good choice to take a trekking tour during summer and winter because trekking at those periods, you may suffer rainfall or thick snow. During the trekking, you will go off the road and climb on hills and the rain and snow make it difficult to trek because you probably slip on those slippery areas and you might get in a big trouble. Besides, as it is warmer in summer, summer is usually the peak season of Tibet tour which makes it difficult for you to have a good traveling experience. However, you can do some short trekking around the Lhasa during the summer. Therefore, it’s suggested to enjoy a short trek to Tibetan during the summer time. All in all, you are highly recommended to come in spring and autumn season.

Best time to trek Mt.Kailash


Mt Kailash trekking is one of the popular trekking routes in Tibet. And the best time to trek Mount Kailash is from April to June or mid-September to early October during which you can avoid the rainy season and muddy roads.

Best time to trek Mt. Everest

Mount Everest
Mount Everest

As the most magnificent mountain in the world, Mt. Everest is absolutely the most popular trekking place for tourists.Actually, the spring months from February to May with stable and dry weather seems to be the best trekking time to travel to Mt. Everest. The Autumn month of September to October is a popular trekking period as well.

Best time to trek Gyama valley

Gyama Valley
Gyama Valley

Gyama valley is located to the east of Lhasa and it is a broad agricultural tributary with contains small villages, settlements, and temples. April to June and September to October are the best time to trek to Gama Valley when you can catch the whole view of Gyama valley.

In brief, you can trek to Tibet all years round except for February and March. And the best time for trekking is based on what you want to see and to do. If you wanna trek around Lhasa city, you can come to Tibet at any time. If you wanna trek the Mount Everest and Mount Kailash, you are supposed to travel to Tibet in spring and autumn.